Intellectual Property Program Performance Metrics Scorecard

ipPerformance's comprehensive Intellectual Property Performance Scorecard is a structured IP operation scorecard that reflects the key dimensions. Our scorecard provides you with the most up-to-date metrics to evaluate and calibrate your operation.

This report will provide you with meaningful understanding of IP operational performance and cost metrics. Contact us to learn more about ipPerformance's guidance on developing a practical and actionable Intellectual Property Program Scorecard.

Scorecard Dimensions Available
o Patent Portfolio
o Business Alignment
o Portfolio Management
o Financial Management
o Personnel and Operations Management
o Innovation Management and Impact
o Learning and Knowledge Growth
o Risk Management

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"This report is very useful, and quite interesting. Thanks for the great work (as usual) and also for your efforts to expedite it for me. I appreciate it! It is useful for what I am working on now, but I am sure it will also be useful on other things I'll work on over the next few months."
- IP Leader, high technology company"

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