Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program Best Practices

ipPerformance Group Research presents the definitive guide to inventor rewards, recognition and remunerations in innovation driven companies.

This report will provide you with meaningful operational information to benchmark you organization. The standard report includes segmentations based on company revenue and annual patenting activity. Industry analysis sub-group reports are available.

Among the findings that emerged from this research are the following:

  • 66% of companies use a combination of financial and non-financial awards.

  • The most popular financial award is for the initial priority patent filing (non-provisional) and the most popular recognition is for achieving patent grant (utility/process).

  • The standard financial reward amounts reported were widespread – from $50 for an invention disclosure to $5,000 for a patent grant, with extraordinary awards reaching $500,000.

Use this report to:
  • Use the data to evaluate your program framework

  • Compare your budget and program performance

  • Assess your reward amounts for each IP event

  • Substantiate needed changes to top management

  • Substantiate incentives to the inventor community

  • Identify incentives that effected inventor behavior

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Inventor Rewards and Recogintion Programs
"This report is very useful, and quite interesting. Thanks for the great work (as usual) and also for your efforts to expedite it for me. I appreciate it! It is useful for what I am working on now, but I am sure it will also be useful on other things I'll work on over the next few months."
- IP Leader, high technology company"

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